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September 27, 2013
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Enyo Vasyklo_Ludus Chaos by ShaneseKS Enyo Vasyklo_Ludus Chaos by ShaneseKS

Name ◆ Enyo Vasyklo

Gender ◆ Female

Age ◆ 30 years old

Race ◆ Human

Height ◆ 5'11"/ 180cm

Voice ◆ Shohreh Aghdashloo ( Persian/Greek accent, Raspy voice)


Faction ◆  Radiant Knights :iconludusknightsplz:

Rank ◆ Seneschal

Other Occupation ◆ Blacksmith

Mount ◆ Qorbin 21 year old M Gryphon / Lifespan 35 years



Battle Morale Boost ◆ During grim and tough situation, powerful words and Enyos strong aura is felt by her squadron firing them up and lifting there spirits.

Combat ◆ Well rounded fighter prefers to use close combat weapons.

Tactical Visionary ◆ Able to assess the situation quickly during battle providing effective strategies.

Silver Tongue ◆ Can get herself out of tough situation, and manipulate with charm and ease.


Main Weapon ↪   Athansius the Cusped Falchion Sword Once was an old un-used sword passed down from her mothers side of the family one of may she
had to choose from, most over looked it Enyo say potential and is now constantly improving the blade making it the best it can be, her grandfather wants its back Enyo always
respectfully denies his request. 

Secodary Weapons  ↪ Behbob & Yalda Tiwn Daggers located on the back of her belt holster gifts from her grandmother on her fathers side.

Others ↪   Misericorde Use solely to end a life of suffering allies who fought valiantly in battle, although this dagger is never used or stained 
with the blood of cowards. 

Owner of many different suits of armor, crafted to fit her body heavy armor on top and medium weight below to balance herself out 


Illuminate Banishment ◆ Used on Wraithwalkers the blade is drenched in the blood of the user, to activate the spell a chant is made completing this rays of light surrounds the weapon, stabbing the target this increases the pain dealt to the enemy also withdrawing health into the user. The spell only last for three minutes and takes days to be renewed.

Fates Glance ◆ Scouts are sent out to retrieve the bodies of dead soldiers or those who are on the brink of death with mortal
wounds, this spell is used to take a glimpse of how their fallen comrades died and contributed on recent efforts. Those who are suffering into there passing only
highly selected knights with great judgment are tasked with the decision to end there agony with the Misdricodre. 

 “Cowards blood is poison to the Misdricodre Knife, she will not have it.” 

/More on the way/~



Elegant ◆  Brave ◆ Straightforward ◆ Considerate

Strict ◆ Prideful ◆ Crude ◆  Thrill Seeker ◆  Less Sex Driven then before... Still Driven

Within the eye of the public along with some of her superior and nobles Enyo sustains the Radiant Knight image with ease, emulating regale and aristocratic

On the battlefield her close friends and squadron know all to well her mood can change in a heartbeat from kind to coarse.


↪  A complete tyrant at times and lady during another in the eyes of certain people. The Vasylko House a interwoven family formed from once rival houses long ago, deeply
rooted and rich with history coming together becoming one. Enyo needed an outlet for her high pent-up energy interested in become knight yet having no one within the
family to teach her, presented with the option of the old war elders only to have there age holding them back, Enyo was given the chance to be taught by mentors of the Radiant Knight Faction.

Young Teen
↪  The way of the swordsmanship became a second nature quickly learning everything taught and starting to lose interest, Enyo dropped out of the of the Knight
rank seeking thrills elsewhere, knowing the family would be upset and disown her for her decision she left the hold without a word. Stumbling onto outlawed mercenaries she
joined them, having thrills and excitement in her grasp for a while sadly only lasted for three years when the leader retired.

Young Adult
↪  Having her fill of fun and noticing how undignified the members of the group were, many parted unbalancing the group causing the end to the mercenary clan.
Enyo wondered around on her for months on her own finally running into the old clan leader, he confessed to her claiming he should never left her join encouraging Enyo to
go back and become a knight.

Wasting all those year she instantly regretted it all, returning back to the faction it was not an easy task convincing the commanders to let her join, facing many trials and
tribulations and meeting there expectations Enyo soared from knight rank to Seneschal happily settled into her family.


Likes ◆ Sparing ∎ Creating armor and weapons ∎ Men who are taller then her ∎ Qorbin her best friend ∎ Attending gathering and mingling with people ∎ Fine clothes ∎ Her Squadron

Dislikes ◆ Cowards ∎ Disloyalty ∎ Horses ∎ Her past and sexual exploits she done, ever ask her about it she will deny everything ∎

Addtional Information

- Broke her nose when she was younger while in a fight, not fully mending it Enyo’s aunts begging her to get it fixed, instead she sports it around claiming it as he first war wound.

- Bottom Heavy yet toned.

- Knights Nickname "The Renewed Knight", Behind her back( Medusas Spawn)

- Mercenary Nickname "Thigh Constrictor" ( an ex-memeber of the group tried dipping into her honey jar mouth first, she choked him yelling "What speak up? Why are you fighting isn't this what you wanted? It'll be over soon!!" Others had to pry her off)
- Has a ship given to her by her old mercenary leader .

- Never got the hang of the bow and arrows, ashamed to even ask anyone to teach her.

- Roosevelt, Enyo's adpoted son, left her side during her mercenary days to become a knight currently working his way up the rank they do not speak for other reasons aswell...

- Within the presence of Wraithwalker Enyo will exprinces a high fever, depending on there ranking and power.

- Enyo hair grows really fast which she annoyed with.
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Tel: *Tilts head a bit.* "Well then, remind me not to start any quarrels with you miss." uvu
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Enyo: Heh* Your a witty one aren't you.... the clever ones are bound to cause trouble at some point hence my suspicious, nothings change carry on sir have a good day U __U 
Maestro-Derpicus Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Tel: :T "I was being literal in me being /blind/. And that I have been nearly robbed because pickpockets don't realize I can see their outlines." He sighed. "But carry on with your suspicion. It's healthy I suppose."
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